Sugar Hill Cranberry Co 

We Grow Our Own!


UPDATED:  9/3/2021

Hand-harvested CRANBERRIES are COMING SOON.  2021 looks like it will be a terrific crop and may be a bit earlier than usual thanks to perfect weather conditions!

We have successsfully shipped our fresh Maine cranberries throughout the U.S. (including Arizona and Texas) without compromising the quality of the berries.  We have even been fortunate enough to ship cranberries to an AFB address to Singapore, which helped make a military family holiday meal more special!

Prices for the 5# and 10# boxes do INCLUDE shipping by USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail.  If you'd like it shipped via a different provider, please email and let us know...   We can quote prices on other bulk orders if the most convenient sizes are not listed.

Effective, September 20, 2021, we will begin taking pre-orders for our cranberries, which will be processed first and shipped out starting as soon as we are able to start our fresh fruit (dry) harvest.